Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Should be wearing a seat belt be your choice?

Should you get to decide if you wear a seat belt? I do think it is your choice if you want to wear your seat belt or not. I think the smartest thing is to wear a seat belt because then you will keep yourself safe and it will keep the people in the car safe as well. If you don't wear a seat belt and you get in a crash your body will act as a ping pong ball and you could go flying around the car and hurting other people with your body. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but other people too. I do believe that everyone should wear a seat belt, but I think that it should be your choice on if you want to or not. Maybe there could be a rule that if you are not in the car alone then you have to wear a seat belt because then if you get in a crash you won't harm the other people in the car with you. If you want to put yourself in danger then I think that is your choice. The Government says that we have choice and we have freedom, but do we really?  Is it freedom if they don't let you do things you want to? I don't know I personally don't think that we even have a lot of freedom I think that we are manipulated into thinking that we have freedom. It's kind of like George Orwell's book 1984 according to the book freedom is slavery and it does make sense.

What do you think?

Do you think there should be a law that requires wearing a seat belt when you are driving with someone?

Friday, May 16, 2014


I do think that the media should make the news more interesting and more what people want to see. This week in class we talked about satire and made our own satire piece.
I think that News should do more satire its more interesting and the more you laugh about something the more you remember it. The more you remember something the more intelligent you and more aware of what's going on in the world. Satire can be bad too though some people might not understand that they are joking and actually take everything the news says really seriously. For example, when I watch Saturday Night Live and the weekend update comes on I learn more about what's going on in the world because it makes me understand it and laugh more about the world. Saturday Night Live is a great example of satire that people understand. People that watch satire like the Daily Show and the Colbert report are more informed than the people that just watch regular news. The U.S is less informed about world issues because in my opinion people don't like to watch/ read things that make you feel sad about where you live or things that could happen. I think that if we had more satire on t.v more people would follow a long with and pay attention. I think that "good news" is not good at all it's news just to get news corporations looked at and get good ratings. The news is things that we don't need to know right away, the news' job should be to report what we need to know not what the news crew thinks we want to hear. The people that watch the news should be able to choose what is important to them and what is not important to them. The fact that only 10 percent of teens watch the news is kind of sad, honestly since I am a teen I don't like the news it is boring it's just boring and they need to make the news more teen friendly. It sounds stupid, but if they talked about things that interested teens, we would be more informed and we would actually watch the news. The news needs to improve before they ask the Americans to know more about the world issue.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Media Ownership

          The traditional print media plays a big role in finding out what the whole story is because you can read it word for word, on the tv they have a certain time limit and can't expand on important stories that people want to know about. The most dangerous thing is when you choose the news that you choose because the news forms to what your interests are, so it's kind of bias in a way. The internet news that you pick, picks up on what you search and look for online so it gives you the news that it thinks you want to read, not just everything. Social media is bad fro getting news as well because people start rumors and they post things that don't even happen and if you believe then you are really gullible.
           When I get older and in college I will probably not read a lot of news just because I don't read it right now. I would probably just read it online and it there is a paper laying around I would probably pick it up and read it. I don't think that I would go out of my way to read the news even though I do think its important to know. I will probably be a dumb college kid that thinks they know everything. When I get out of college I would probably watch the tv and be more interested in the news because then I actually would know how it would affects me directly.
     The job of the reader is understanding where you get your news and if it is a reliable resource. You wouldn't go to a gossip magazine or a gossip website to get the world news. You would go to like CNN or like fox 9 to see what is going on in the world.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Where do you get your news?

       For my journalism class we did 10 days of news and we all got to choose what news source you would to read everyday. I choose to do no social media for ten days and I found myself to actually be happier because I didn't know anything bad that was happening in the world for the last ten days. I feel like everything I hear about on the news or on the web is bad things that are happening in my country or world wide and it's just depressing, there are rarely any news that makes me happy. I did not go on twitter or Facebook or any online news. Honestly it was hard at first because I go on those sites when I get bored, but when the week went on I found my self hanging out with my family and being more social and actually getting to sleep at a decent time. There are studies that show that not reading news makes you happier.
      Even though I do think not reading news makes you happier I still think knowing what is going on in your world is a good thing. I believe that people want to be well rounded and know whats going on. It could help in a lot of different situations in your life like if you went into an interview and they ask you what you think the biggest problem in the world is and you say "I don't watch news, it doesn't make me happy" The interviewer will problem say thank you and let you out.
  News is very depressing, they rarely report the great stuff on the news. The news people must think that sad news is the only way to get everyone's attention. I feel like they report sad news because it would prevent people from doing the same thing over and over, but I really don't think that works because there are some crazy people out there.
   I think you are probably better knowing what the news is around the world or even in your local community, it could keep you safe and if you didn't know yes, you would be happier, but  would you rather be happier or safer?
      I think all humans are very curious creatures, everyone likes to know everything about everyone. And we don't like to admit it, but I feel like everyone tries to turn everything into a competition so the more you know about something the better you feel smarter and superior to the other person.

Monday, April 14, 2014


                  We learned how to design spreads this week in class. This was a great experience on learning what a spread should and shouldn't have on a page. there are specific things that a page needs to have to keep the readers attention. We learned that you should have contrast with colors and fonts and how important fonts are. You want the reader to pay attention and you want their eyes to move across the page the way you want them too. You as the designer have the control  over what you want the reader to read first and what you want the reader to see last. I think that everyone is a designer when you pick out your clothes in the morning you designed what you want to look like, you designed what you want people to see first and then and you contrast your clothes. The way you arrange your room or the way you put things in your car is designed to be for your liking. I like to do things the laziest way possible so once I designed a way to turn off my light when i was already in my bed. I took a string and tied it to the light and then I took the other end of the string and had it next to my bed. It worked for a little bit, but the string fell off the light and didn't work anymore, but for a short period of time I had designed something for my liking. Designing a page or a spread is just like designing your room or your car or things like that you want it to be simple and easy for other people to use and read.
        In class we designed before we learned about the elements of design and after we learned about it. This is how mine turned out.                                                                                                                                    Before design
  After design

Monday, March 17, 2014

Human Chain

Ignore the dog in the background...... She was eating a napkin. This is Morgan's Mom(Jenny), My Mom (Julie), & Our Aunt (Lisa) telling a story about how we lost Elijah (Julie's son) and Keenan (Lisa's son) at green lake, and all of the events that occurred.

Friday, February 28, 2014

What is your choice?- j2

            You are allowed to make all kinds of  choices when it comes to reading news. You can go on the internet, you can get apps, you can read newspaper, there are so many options. When if comes to having so many choices it can be hard for one to choose one and be satisfied with only having one. The more choices you have the less satisfied you are with your choice so I think it would be a good idea to slim down the choices to a reasonable amount. I think online news is a great way to get news. Maybe if we only had the really big news stations online then more people will be satisfied with their choice. I think it goes both ways when it comes to reading bad news I mean if you click on something then that's your fault, but if you are a journalist and you write a bad story or produce bad news then that's the journalists fault. I don't think you can blame anyone about bad news.
            People like when they are able to customize or choose what news pops up on their screen they like the power they have, but really the journalism has the real choice because the journalist gets the choice to pick what they write about and they choose what they want the reader read. The Journalist has all the power of what you read they are kind of force you to read what they write without you knowing it. I think Journalist are genius' they pick what they want to write about and in a way they pick what you want to read, and still give you a choice. The choice is kind of a bad thing too because a lot of people will want to read about what interests them, sometimes the really important news does not interest them. Some people think that reading about celebrities is more entertaining than reading about whats going on around the world. If we put little snippets of the worlds problems on the front page of everything so that people will automatically read the couple sentences and more people will have a general idea about whats going on around them. Headlines for news is the most important thing you could either tell the whole problem in the headline so if people don't have time to read the whole story they get the gist of whats going on or you could get a snappy title that makes the story sound super interesting and then the consumer would be read it because that's how the human population works they read things that catch their eyes.